5 Reasons Why BCRs are "THE" Apps to Have in Your Phones

It is very finely said TIME AND TECH WAIT FOR NONE… You heard it right I used TECH not TIDE. A few years back when android had succeeded itself in the world of NOKIA  there rose a glimmering sense of hope that finally a lot of logistics is going to be saved! And it was true today all we have to do is carry our smartphones and darling cheapest service providers to be able to survive anywhere, forget the three basics food clothing and roof!
Today to create network Business cards are the most vital networking tool (no offense to Linkedin ;)). However to keep a logistics is getting very cumbersome every day. There has to be a better way right?
Well, 3 words for way too many problems:- BUSINESS CARD READERS!
You heard it right, Now lets dive into why exactly BCRs are THE apps to HAVE on your phone

1        1.    Scan and Chill

Met a new person and still and got his business card? Well with a business card scanner app like Bizconnect, scan the business card right away and go ahead ask the person their preferred time to get bugged… Go ahead and lose the business card now, for now, it's on your smartphone now.

2 Share and Move Ahead

Bizconnect also enables users to share pre-uploaded business cards among each other, so next time forget the hassle of scanning through your gallery to find chunks of the same business cards and Whatsapp inbox just biz connect!

3.       Set Reminders!

When all cool features are there for you all what is just another feature to make your meetings easy? Now you can set reminders of your meetings so you never miss one.

4.       Schedule Meetings

Well yeah obviously if Bizconnect is already helping you to not miss a meeting why not help you schedule one with an easy calendar within the app itself

5.       Click Clik shift

Lost your phone? Bizconnect enables the user to access their information from a different device too if you have the correct credentials with you of course!

Now that you know all about it, why wait? just go and download the Bizconnect app


6 Types of Apps Businessmen Must Have

Today the word BUSINESS is not just a picture of money but a whole set of dynamics. In an era where everybody’s second language is technology, Businessmen are more one-man army and work is no longer limited to desk, papers and manual presence. To stay a step ahead is a mantra every one follows.
Hence we bring you a list of must-haves on your androids/ios that will help you business people not only stay ahead and optimize your work but also will make your work organized.

1.    TO-DO APPS

When you are multi-tasking it is highly probable that some of the errands might slip your memory and ends up adding time lags to rest of your works, hence keeping a TO-DO list is always handy, Applications like GOOGLE KEEP, EVERNOTE, CHECKLIST helps you create your own checklists as well as enables you to scribble random ideas in form of notes so that you can shape them up later.


These days with workforces becoming more crowd-sourced, Task manager applications are becoming more of a goto application, however, while opting for a task managing application make sure it is not micromanaging simplest of the tasks like calling up someone or taking a simple followup. However, task managers enable to help teams connected and learn the work progress and tasks assigned. Some of the best task manager apps have to be hands down SLACK and TRELLO.


Finance  = Money, Money = Math, Math = Oh NO! A smart businessman will always keep a track of his expenses personal and business-wise, it’s the only wise thing to do. But the liquid is hard to track when you are just on a run, having an expense manager like SPLITWISE or EXPENSIFY helps tracking your bills.


Business cards are not just a piece of papers with contact information today, but more of a network created personally! However business cards are more susceptible to getting lost hence a business card scanner is a must today applications like BIZCONNECT enables the user to scan cards, upload their own cards as well as lets you feed the probable time you can meet people up thus enabling the network being more personalized, this app is available for both Android and iOS and is a must-have today.


As mentioned earlier business is a dynamics and to keep the dynamics alive we must have a strong network, networking apps like LINKEDIN or TRIPLT enables users to keep the search for a  variety of people at your fingertips, and helps in generation of leads and understanding their behavior.


Travel is an inevitable part of being a businessman, so while you pack your bags let not the tickets and route be a headache for you apps like TRIVAGO, GOIBIOBO, OYO ROOMS (the list goes super long) helps organize your travel and logistics.




7 things you must know about the Internet of Things

Internet of Things or IoT is a word of buzz today. While most of us do understand the concept of internet we often fall into a pool of questions when it comes to internet of Things.
Team BizConnect is here to help you out with it, Thank us later.

Simply put, the Internet of Things is a computing concept that envisions everyday objects being connected to the internet, and hence having the ability to transfer data to and fro. While it is a very broad and rather vague definition, you might be surprised to know how it is implemented in our daily lives and the possibilities it may extend to.

1.    You don’t require particular expensive or hi-tech gadgets to watch aspects of this concept in motion. Indeed, you can use your very own smartphone to run applications like the visiting card reader BizConnect, which lets you transfer prints on business cards into properly formatted and accurate contacts on your device.
2.    If the IoT (Internet of Things) could be further tapped into, huge waste and costs could be greatly reduced as waste materials could be used to form new, digitised equipment.
3.    The RFID scanner at your local store’s billing counter is an example of the interaction between physical objects and a digital network too.
4.    Completely smart homes could become a reality for everyone, not just the top bracket members of society. Every variable (temperature, lighting) would be carefully monitored and controlled, however, you like it to be.
5.    Self-driving cars could become commonplace, exchanging data with other vehicles, checking a GPS for directions and using scanners to detect obstructions and objects around.
6.     Individuals on probation or house arrest could be tracked anywhere in the world.
7.    Patients who need aid like wheelchairs could receive automated help, as well as patients requiring constant monitoring of factors such as heart rate or blood pressure. Hence, hospitals closest to the patient could be alerted during an emergency immediately.

 Here is a small and exhaustive list of applications of the Internet of Things, many already in place at certain locations around the world. It's impossible to predict how far we could reach wielding such a concept into reality, but the prospects remain exciting and revolutionary.