Judicious mixture of Business Analytics and the intelligence of the admins of pages bring out the best for audiences.

Have you ever realised how your Facebook profile exactly understands your taste and brings related links on your newsfeed? Well, I won't  talk about magic or mind reading here. The answer is simple. Its because  of the Business Analytic tool used in Digital media. Facebook too has an automatic analytic programme -- Facebook Insights-- that allows the business pages to easily understand the likes and preferences of their audiences.

With over 1.4 billion active daily users, Facebook is a platform that has incredible reach. But, thanks to a number of big changes to its algorithm, Facebook prioritizes content from family and friends. That means it’s harder than ever to get the audience’s attention on the platform. And that's where Facebook Insights come into application.

Social media is a powerful tool to connect  business or brand with  audiences , therefore, its the judicious mixture of Business Analytics and the intelligence of the admins of pages that bring out the best for audiences.

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Cost isn’t the only concern you should have when selling your car as scammers are always ready to take advantage of vulnerable situations.

No wonder, automobile industry has reached the zenith, so did its marketing platform. But along with its broad market platforms, there has risen economical turbulence and newer ways of theft and fraud.

When it comes time to sell a car, most owners are preoccupied with getting the most money possible. You’ve invested a great deal in your car, and it’s understandable that you want to get the money you deserve.

Unfortunately, cost isn’t the only concern you should have when selling your car as scammers are always ready to take advantage of vulnerable situations and drown you into the pool of major loss. So keeping yourself in a safe side while selling cars and using your wit is very necessary.

Always Meet in a Public Place
Once you’ve connected with a buyer and  wonderfully, and you've decided to meet up, make sure you always do it in a populated place as this reduces the chance of the fraud to take away your car by force. Never have a buyer come to your home as this is deemed to be dangerous.

Don’t Accept Checks
Car scammers often hand over a bad check to gain a free car. Tell buyers that you’ll accept cash only. If that limits your pool of buyers, there are a few ways to ensure you get what you’re owed. Call a trusted bank to verify the funds before handing over the keys or telling a buyer that you’ll deposit the check and then give them the keys when the funds have cleared.  

Know Your Car’s Worth
Private buyers will often attempt to haggle with you about the price of your vehicle, telling boldfaced lies that your car’s book value is much lower than you think it is. They may bring a mechanic with them to check out the car; this mechanic may then turn around and tell you the car has numerous issues and isn’t worth as much as you expected. Avoid this by using a car valuator tool like Kelley Blue Book and have it checked out by your own trusted mechanic.  

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Educating yourself through books and lectures are important but the efficacy and fast network of E-learning cannot be denied.

E-Learning is the eminent formula of educating masses through e-devices typically by internet. It radically transfigures the traditional educational system exercised inside classrooms by the presence of human elements.

E-learning can be availed by anybody for its easy-to-use and accessible property. In the contemporary times, you can see it has become an integral mechanism in day-to-day life activities to all individuals irrespective of their education or designation. You might often find yourself  browsing internet for food recipes in YouTube , your sister taking some online classes or your brother interning through some website and so on. Nowadays,  its popular among a huge number of masses.

E-Learning is adopted by masses rapidly for its multiple benefits. You can access to your study material online multiple times which is irrational to think of taking place with respect to your college lectures which is a major plus point and there is no necessity to maintain any timetable, as in, you can have an easy approach to it at any suitable time. E-learning has proved one of the best means of training programmes and other educational activities around the globe for the MNCs for enabling them to conduct seminars where the employers residing in some other place or any other organisation can easily deliver their lectures and conduct discussions without physical presence. Its utility knows no bounds.


The manifestation of E-learning  has reached the climax and nowadays even books and notes tend to be replaced, however, educating yourself through books and lectures are important but the efficacy and fast network of E-learning cannot be denied. Nowadays even agricultural sectors have started endorsing this technology for nominal cost and updated contents with a better explanation. Therefore, embracing the synergistic technique of E-Learning is the need of the hour.

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Blatant truth is that it is yet to come in the developing countries like India.

The application of Machine learning has enhanced our way of life through its virtue of image recognition, scanning of data, GPS routes and even online search engine.  And one cannot really deny its wide range of utility  blanketing the realms of healthcare and medicine drastically since its discovery.  According to Global Reports, advancement in Electrical Healthcare records based on AI has grown  from 40 % in 2012 to 67% in 2017. This is the clear indication to the fact that AI in healthcare and medicine has its huge perks starting from early detection of chronic diseases to Chatbots advising clients and even doctors on proper medication and recognising important database.

The advancement of Machine Learning in healthcare had reached its zenith , as deemed by all the women across the world when the Israeli invention of the Livia Device asserted  the perfect way out to reduce menstrual pain or better known as period cramps among women. Menstrual pain is that bedevil that can plague our daily life-cycle yet receives the lowest attention and taken in the least serious way. And therefore, one of the most overwhelming fact of this innovation is its discovery caused by an Israeli father-son duo which justifies the fact that our world is emerging not only as a  technical inventory but has also  simultaneously spread its wings in Socially-adherent  spheres.

According to its inventors, CEO Chen Nachum and his father, Dr. Zvi Nachum, the Livia device provides instant relief from cramps, and lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge, long after anti-pain pills have worn off. The device implements physiotherapy tech to block pain receptors through electrical pulses, based on the famous "Gate Control theory". Livia transmits a pulse that keeps the nerves “busy,” so that pain messages that should be accepted by nerve receptors and transmitted to the brain — which concludes if a woman is in pain are lost. Its small iPod Nano-sized square box is  clipped onto a belt or leaves in the patient's  pocket. Attached to the device are gel pads and two electrodes, which the woman places on areas where she feels the most pain. Once the pain occurs, the user switches on the Livia Device putting an end to the monstrous cramps.

According to Research, 50% of women tend to take a high number of pain-killers to get relieved from tedious period cramps which has severe side-effects on their body.  Hence, the drug-free pain-relieving method of this Israeli Livia Device is truly ground-breaking and has proven very much effective in several clinical research. One of its best features is that it can be used in workplaces, at home, at school and anywhere in public without any hustle or absurdity.

Top magazines like Cosmopolitan and Glamour have acclaimed the noteworthy advantages of Livia titling it as an off-switch to period cramps. Women around the world after its usage have asserted that with Livia, they can now have a comfortable menstrual period.

Livia has funded at 548% on its IndieGogo campaign. The original request was for $50,000 — and the campaign still has a month to go. Hence it can be easily concluded that it received a phenomenal  success globally and has created a landmark in the history of medical  inventions implementing Artificial Intelligence. But the blatant truth is that it is yet to come in the developing countries like India. However, it is said that it will be available in India once it officially launches around the globe. Keeping in mind the huge population and downright Sex Ratio, the advent  of Livia Device in India is one of the most important aspects that she needs to fulfill.

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With duties come rights, and a leader cannot agree more to it.


You might often go through astrology documents and on the basis of your zodiac sign, learn about your leadership qualities and start believing in it. But are you sure you possess such eminent qualities in you. Ah! Well, we all do but its essence lies in the fact that what do we do to enhance our capabilities and leadership attributes.

I wouldn't really give you tips on how to be a leader because our qualities are subjective and any external factor cannot manipulate you to become better until and unless you decide to be.

Leadership is all about understanding the thin line between mentoring and dictating. If you wish to be a true leader, you need to be a principled companion and not a ruthless dictator. Managing and organising is a pivotal part of every group member but having the ability to leverage the judicious mix of creation and cooperation is what makes a leader competent to success.

Now the question is how to keep going as a leader. Well, the answer is simple. Never leave your position to somebody else and here your position just doesn't mean your rights but also your duties as well. As it is said, with duties come rights, and a leader cannot agree more to it.


Sometimes under the realms of joke and laughter, we tend to overlook the thin line between sarcasm and offense.

In a country like India , multiple linguistic organisations, caste, communities and religions tend to defy the fundamentals of secularism. But stereotyping culture is something that’s less severe in the sense its harmless in nature and prevalent in every sector.

We often tend to stereotype a Punjabi by his capacity to drink, or a Bengali for his love for fish or a Marwari for being a miser. This is a common aspect that provides a sense of pleasure and creates a jovial atmosphere condemning no culture. And social media plays a major role here. We are never tired of watching and saving memes on culture to our galleries. However, a group of people tend to get offended and raise their concerns against such activities. But sometimes under the realms of joke and laughter, we tend to overlook the thin line between sarcasm and offense.

Despite such trifles, we can never really ignore the grotesque realities of cultural identities causing major segregation, political splits to the extent of reorganisation of states.  The sad reality is that the political parties play a major role in articulating their bigoted goals by the virtue of their innocent preachers and deviate their minds towards violence and riots. Therefore, unity and integrity is of utmost importance because lack of unity makes us mere separated entities and that’s not what forms the base of Indian Constitution.



Motivation is immensely empowering and at the same time it is subjective to varied perspectives. You might be motivated at the sight of failure and your correspondent fellow might get motivated by tales of success. But whatever it is, it is fundamental to a person's sanity. Without the essence of motivation, we are nothing.

At one juncture in life, we all face heartbreaks. A group of people succumb to such vulnerabilities but a certain majority rise from the pieces of their broken heart like a phoenix. They wipe their tears, put on that  scarlet gloss and stand stronger like never before. Now thats what motivation is. It can come from anywhere, it can be self-inflicting or externally adduced.

But stability is an important aspect. You can understand that that your spirit of motivated mind is incorrigible when you can hold on to it. So whenever you feel, you are breaking apart, just collect your pieces, look at your best selfie and realise the Goddess in you.



Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. 

Tips on how to be persistent:

Develop your  goal or ambitionFocusing on your subject is very important  to attain success. Also its necessary to garner love for it.  In a study done in New York several years ago researchers surprisingly found that people who set clear, concise goals succeeded in achieving them 95% of the time! Interestingly, the one caveat or stipulation was that they only achieved their goals if they refused to quit and continued to bounce back from difficulties along the way.
Henry Ford went bankrupt three times before he managed to design his first automobile. As we all know and are grateful for, he subsequently succeeded to become one of the richest men in the world. He said: "Failure is merely an opportunity to more intelligently begin again.” 

Take the first step. You cannot persevere; much less succeed, if you never try to accomplish something. So many of us procrastinate, fear failure or are too frozen in our tracks to take the first step towards achievement. You will not fail if you don’t try something, however, you will never succeed either.

Review, reevaluate and revise: If things do not work out the way you hoped then review the steps you took and the process you followed. Reevaluate by examining what went wrong and where. What didn't work? What could you have done better? Did you have all the necessary skills and tools? Your findings will be most illuminating, and in turn, allow you to set up a better, more comprehensive approach. You will revise and improve the current strategy.

Prepare for Obstacles and Setbacks: Know and accept that there will be obstacles and setbacks; then prepare for them. Nothing important was every accomplished without adversity, setbacks and difficulties to contend with along the way. Henry Ford went bankrupt three times before he managed to design his first automobile. As we all know and are grateful for, he subsequently succeeded to become one of the richest men in the world. He said: "Failure is merely an opportunity to more intelligently begin again.” 

What could you have done better? Did you have all the necessary skills and tools? Your findings will be most illuminating, and in turn, allow you to set up a better, more comprehensive approach. You will revise and improve the current strategy.


"When my father didn't have my hand... He had my back."

"When my father didn't have my hand... He had my back."

Can you ever imagine stepping into the shoes of your Dad even for a day? Your Dad, the best Dad of the world, endures all the tenacious workloads, manages his chores and strives so hard just to see that smile on your face. He might use that obsolete handset but buys you the most eminent mobile phone for your need. He might work overtime just to get you the latest laptop. Hard, isn't it? Well, you can never really thank enough for his sacrifices but your little step to make his life easier can never go in vain.

This Father's Day, help him manage all his important data and contacts in a secured manner and magnify his process of business communication through the one-stop digitized Bcard destination, Bizconnect. Reduce his work pressure by leading him to the world of Digitization and celebrate your Father's Day with full efficacy.



Can you imagine your life without Facebook and Instagram? Well, its hard, isn't it? As per Pew Reports of 2015, 94% teens worldwide use mobile devices loaded with social media applications.

Uploading pictures on Instagram has now become the latest trend. The likes on your images and videos matter more than your class test grades. Its surprising and inevitable to see how people fall into metaphorical pit for over-indulgence in social networks. Despite several disadvantages, its advantages are numerous.

Business brands are at the greatest benefits due to the huge mass availing social media. They can conduct a full fledged campaign to advertise their brands and acquire endorsements all over the world. But its necessary to know that Social media can be deceptive too. You can put the best of materials on it and still wouldn't receive any basic outcome. Hence, understanding your viewer's choice is equally necessary.



Talent management is the process of identifying the sector of employee talents, the ability to manage their competency and implement it in the right form. In layman words, talent management is nothing but the way of developing, extracting and rewarding the performances of employees for their further enhancement.

Every company is always engaged in a vigorous battle of talent hunt, not just talent hunt but extraction of the best talent. It’s the role of HR to implement the strategic talent management process in an organization. HR really plays an advisory and support role in the company. They don’t run the company. They help the leaders run the company.
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According to a research done by Deloitte, there is 40% lower employee turnover and 38% higher employee engagement in companies which implemented strategic talent management process.

It’s the role of HR to implement the strategic talent management process in an organization. HR really plays an advisory and support role in the company. They don’t run the company. They help the leaders run the company.

The 5-step process of talent management and the way of its implementation by companies is the secret to the success and advancement of the Brand :- 

1. Understanding the goals of the organisationThis is a very important process as it helps in finding the most apt employee for the required post.

2. Sourcing and selection of candidates - Searching for the people according to the requirement is the main activity in this step. Look out for the platforms like Linkedin where you can search highly talented people.

Despite the explosion of social networking sites like Linkedin and Twitter, there are still lot of different ways people find new positions. Significant amount of them comes from internal candidates and through referrals.

3. Recruitment - This is the vital and easiest aspect of talent management process where talent interviews are conducted for hunting the best of talents.

4. Promotion and employee retention- Almost 51% of the employers have problem with employee retention. High salary hikes and incentives are not the only things you should do to retain your employees. You have to create opportunities for growth and give them the room for creativity.

5. Succession Planning and development - Succession planning is different from replacement planning. It is a conscious decision by an organization to nurture and develop the continuous development of employees.




The first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind while choosing the path of entrepreneurship should be the mixing your unique and fantabulous qualities with the perfect form of resources and intelligence. Remember, you are the key to the secret box of success. As women, we tend to face a lot of obstacles in life starting from our birth. The social stigma plays a major role here. But its our consistent perseverance that leads us to defy all kinds of social shackles and be successful in life.

The first process towards successful business should be planning. You need to have a proper plan draft, as without one, your venture can never reach the finish line.

Secondly, use the contemporary ways of promotion. In today's world digitised and tech-world has become big which outstrips manual labour to a great extent. So you should make the best use of it, extract all your needs from this policy as its deemed to be of low cost and high value.

Thirdly, garner support from your family, friends and colleagues. You might get inspired from patriotic songs and movies that provoke you to move alone. The agenda isn't wrong but when you have a strong support system, your path towards success is catalysed to an extent. But attaining self-made success has a much refined taste than ever. It is the best sweet one has ever tasted.

In a nutshell, you can base the path of your success on a lot of processes but the basic fundamentals should never be forgotten.



In the modern era, people tend to leave their native house for educational and employment magnification, and a smoother exposure to better systems. But the stark reality is different from what we all imagine. Things aren't as smooth as should be especially when it comes to money matters.

At the commencement of every month , an aura of restlessness sets in you happen to transfer money to  bank accounts. The Bank authorities due to their lagging approach often cause a delay of 3-4 days for the transaction to get completed and in today's world, even a delay of one day in educational emoluments can bring in havoc. Therefore, the advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is manifested as a boon to the modern financial services as consumers can not only be relieved about the faster transactions but also the security system devoid of any kinds of  fraudulent activities.
Blockchain Technology is a payment method that empowers buyers to pay with cryptocurrencies while providing a breath-taking purchase protection  system. This innovative tech-based payment process is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. Originally devised for the digital currency ,Bitcoin, the tech community is now finding other potential uses for the technology.

Bitcoin has been called “digital gold,” and for a good reason. Now questions might arise regarding its usage. As its said, blockchain technology defies the traditional intermediary policy of banks, we can send money and soon any form of digitized value – from stocks and bonds to intellectual property, art, music and even votes – directly and safely between us without going through a bank, a credit-card company, PayPal or Western Union, social network, government or other middleman and the process is free from complexities :

• When a transaction is to be made, the sender needs to pay through any major cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin.

• Funds are converted into Fiat currency immediately to prevent the seller from market turbulence or any other security distortion.

  Miners holds the funds and releases it to the recipient, adjusted on the basis of performance based timeframe.

• The recipient receives the money order in Fiat Currency and can withdraw it , keep it in his wallet or even convert it to cryptocurrency.

To summarize this mechanism, nobody acts as an intermediary between the sender and the recipient; i.e.- they transfer funds directly. The authority in-charge of validating the transaction can only view the data relating to the code of transaction and not the consumer's or the seller's personal data. Therefore, a privacy is maintained along with pre-eminent security mechanism and swift transactions.


World Environment Day

Environmental Movements can be traced to the time of Chipkoo Movements and Narmada Bachao Abhiyan of 20th century.  Environmentalists like Medha Patkar and Gauri Devi have established a milestone in the field of environmental campaigns and proved to be a torch bearer of women empowerment at the same time. However, issues concerning pollution  and its subsequent result ofecological degradation  have time and again directed towards harmful activities of man.

 As per Global Reports, at the banks of Narmada River lies 390 metric tonnes of hazardous chemical waste still waiting for the judgement of Supreme Court to be removed since 5 decades. Therefore, to take a step towards environmental prosperity, the UN with the ratification of its permanent members in 1974 have given the shape to the flagship of spreading awareness about environmental concerns and its solutions. Its aftermath being World's Environment Day celebrated on 5th of June every year have led to a lot of improvements dealing with ecology.

The accomplishments of WED is enormous in the sense that every year it acquires a new theme towards environmental well-being. The theme for 2018 is "Beat Plastic Pollution". The host nation is India.[2] The theme for the World Environment Day 2018, "Beat Plastic Pollution". By choosing this Theme, it is aimed that people may strive to changes in their everyday lives to reduce the heavy burden of plastic pollution. People should be free from the over-reliace on single-use or disposables, as they have severe environmental consequences. We should liberate our natural places, our wildlife - and our own health from plastics.

However, despite huge steps taken towards environmental upliftment, a lot needs to be done for its advancement and saving it from the shackles of industrial and capitalist mindset of non-sustainable development.



Good hygiene is the first step to being healthy. Basic hygiene can not only protect you poor health but also enhance your immune system. Kids, especially infants are prone to diseases due to tjeir lower resistance power and are often succumbed to poor health.

Even though projected as superstition, women during their perinatal period are usually isolated to a cosy place. This can sound absurd but it has a significant scientific reason behind. The motive is to protect the new-born from external germs, especially of outsiders, sometimes family members too. As per Global Reports, nearly half a million babies die in their first month of life each year because they are born into unhygienic conditions.

Simple interventions to Improve hygiene, such as access to safe water, toilets and soap, could prevent one in five new-born deaths in the developing countries. Therefore, the practice needs to be started from one's own house as one leads to many.

 Even the State Governments have entered into pact with UNICEF for the provision of hygienic and safer environment to them. Even various NGOs have taken significant steps to ensure better health to new-born's.




The basic goal of Paramedic Services, also known as Ambulance Services is to provide out-of-hospital acute medical care and enable transport of patients to definitive care for their treatments within 20 minutes of distress call. But due to its inactive approach and high-priced policy, especially in the hilly areas, patients do not receive immediate care, hence, numerous deaths occur everyday.  As per TOI reports, 27 million people die every year for tje lack of medical attention. Now that's a huge majority.

Therefore, to eradicate this problem, a considerable number of NGOs have come forward to furnish  health-care delivery system through resource-optimised techniques, hence, forming a non-profit campaign. Even the State Governments have formed  non-profitable  public-private partnerships to enhance Emergency Services.

Also, to augment the initiatives taken by different sectors and intensity the impact of medical advancement on people, NGOs along with the locals  have strategized 2 wheeler feeder ambulance in hilly terrains which shall act as a major life-saving implement to them. Transport to medical centres is an important aspect and also a significant issue in India and an efficient remedy is the need of the hour.


Xbox Live

The word 'Xbox Live' can assess a scenario of reddish hue lights, keyboards, gamer gears and headsets in our minds but in reality its recapitulation is like entering into a trunk dugout. The service of Xbox Live is a metaphorical light emitting diode that spectrums in a way beneficial to every kind of internet worms. It has changed the way people looked upon Xbox 360 as an online gaming software and corroborated the ratification of groove music, movies and TV, live events, media sharing and so on.

Xbox live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media service designed by Microsoft in Nov 2002 which succumbed to various updates, the former being in Nov 2005 where it was made available for Xbox 360 console and the latest enhancement on 2013 with the Xbox One.

The global market had witnessed one of the best economical 'role-play' in video game launching market between Microsoft launching Xbox 360 and Sony launching third PlayStation console. The war game of launching games took an interesting turn when the two teams in Microsoft's executive game pretended to make announcements of new launch and planned marketing strategies. The firm had its own variables and dynamic evaluation trying to outwit their rival but as its said -- Fate cannot be changed and they lost. At this time , Microsoft strived to enter the market and mark its competitive spirit against Sony but what remained behind the curtains was the strategic planning to overtake the rival's excellence. And then the one and only advantage which is now a boon to both the company and the audience is Xbox Live which escalated pretty well. It in accordance with the former Program Manager Jerry Hook was described as a  'Vapourware' as its only worthwhile possession was a million users. However, the fact cannot be denied that an initiative succeeds only when its appreciated by viewers and appreciation leads to greater followers.

Pic Credits :- trulygeeky.com

Microsoft  has planned to extend live to other devices and platforms such as mobile phones as a part of Live Anywhere program. As Xbox Live is a wide channel of media , it provides the benefits of both free and subscription based service. The Xbox Live Silver comprising Avatars , Social hub , Web browsers, skype and third party entertainment apps like Amazon.com , ESPN , Netflix and so on. The Xbox Live Gold Service , with most features such as online gaming service generally restricted with the Gold Service which overlaps a lot of features of the free service and separately includes features like media sharing, online multiplayer, voice chat/messaging, Halo Waypoint etc. The universal name for a player's username is called Gamertag which has to be unique and of fifteen characters. The scores achieved by the gamers are known as Gamerscore. There have been developed various sites which are avid in providing  tips to the gamers for achieving maximum points. Gamercard is yet another word associated with it that’s an information panel used to summarise the user's profile of Xbox Live.

Xbox Live is like a connected, intangible service which works like a pipeline. It is like a building to people who run it. The big endeavour of running Xbox Live has had a lot of shortcomings like its mysterious crash . It is a gaming network driving not only games but videos, tv series , music and more. It is now the digital thread connecting everything Microsoft OS owns.