5 Reasons Why BCRs are "THE" Apps to Have in Your Phones

It is very finely said TIME AND TECH WAIT FOR NONE… You heard it right I used TECH not TIDE. A few years back when android had succeeded itself in the world of NOKIA  there rose a glimmering sense of hope that finally a lot of logistics is going to be saved! And it was true today all we have to do is carry our smartphones and darling cheapest service providers to be able to survive anywhere, forget the three basics food clothing and roof!
Today to create network Business cards are the most vital networking tool (no offense to Linkedin ;)). However to keep a logistics is getting very cumbersome every day. There has to be a better way right?
Well, 3 words for way too many problems:- BUSINESS CARD READERS!
You heard it right, Now lets dive into why exactly BCRs are THE apps to HAVE on your phone

1        1.    Scan and Chill

Met a new person and still and got his business card? Well with a business card scanner app like Bizconnect, scan the business card right away and go ahead ask the person their preferred time to get bugged… Go ahead and lose the business card now, for now, it's on your smartphone now.

2 Share and Move Ahead

Bizconnect also enables users to share pre-uploaded business cards among each other, so next time forget the hassle of scanning through your gallery to find chunks of the same business cards and Whatsapp inbox just biz connect!

3.       Set Reminders!

When all cool features are there for you all what is just another feature to make your meetings easy? Now you can set reminders of your meetings so you never miss one.

4.       Schedule Meetings

Well yeah obviously if Bizconnect is already helping you to not miss a meeting why not help you schedule one with an easy calendar within the app itself

5.       Click Clik shift

Lost your phone? Bizconnect enables the user to access their information from a different device too if you have the correct credentials with you of course!

Now that you know all about it, why wait? just go and download the Bizconnect app