In the era of progressive outlook, there is no doubt that women form the major pillars in different facets of society.  We have had to struggle a lot more in breaking glass ceilings and push society a whole out of their ways of thinking to evince our crucial roles in building democratic systems and sustainable economies. Inspite of bridging the gender gap to a great extent and covering a considerable zone of development, you cannot really disagree to the fact India  comprises major regions where women still remain behind closed doors and are succumbed to various kind of pressures and negligence, especially towards their health. In urban areas, you can notice their major concern in workplace, family and other roles often divert their focus from their own health problems leading to unnoticed critical diseases.

Women health has always been a major issue in India.Films and documentaries have been time and again directed to portray the poor health conditions of rural Indian women. Usage of hay, sacks and other unhealthy substances during menstrual period isn't something new that we hear. Be it due to shyness or their habitual supressed state of mind, rural women are often reluctant to approach medical help. Therefore, the World Health Organisation strives to promote women health care campaigns in isolated areas to create an impact in their lives .

Productive health-care is one of the major issues faced by women in India. There are women who aren't aware of the provision of fertility monitoring kits or pregnancy test kits and contraceptive pills and this can affect their lives to a great extent.  Ailments like osteoarthritis, split discs are diagnosed in 2 out of 5 women in India, various non-profitable NGOs have come up with notable solutions to these issues through their innovative medical equipments.  

Estimates say India accounts for 1/3rd of cervical cancer deaths globally. In absolute terms, 130,000 new cases of cervical cancer every year and nearly 74,000 deaths. This cancer begins in the cervix which is the mouth of the uterus or womb, and one of its most important causes is the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Disappointing, isn't it? But the shocking part is that there are more than thousands of such cases in India which are not even reported, i.e. women dying of negligence. And a definite solution to this issue is the need of the hour, hence, small scale social medical campaigns are promoting Cervical Cancer Screening with Govt and Women Community Healthcare workers which can screen 3000 women in next one year, a step towards women health prosperity. 

 At present, the Government seeks to strengthen gender equality by provision of basic medical amenities to witness a progressive report in women's health. This National Women's Health Week, let us all foster Women's Health Awareness and impart to the various initiatives taken for their betterment, a path towards women empowerment.